Redecorating My Bedroom

Since my early teens I have been plastering all sorts of nonsense up on my walls and as a result they are in quite a state! It's okay though, because I just continue to collage all over them. It's much more flexible than proper redecorating and I find having all sorts of little things all over my walls is quite stimulating and definitely a big reflection of my personality. I've had most of my walls pretty stripped back for a while now though. I have my pink baby wall, which has stayed put for ages mostly because I find the all over pink quite soothing but still impressively dense and sprawling. I've also had a reasonable amount of stuff on my window wall for a while, but I thought it would be nice to extend it and add some more things to brighten up that area.

My plan is to build up huge collages on every wall again. It's a big task though, so I will probably slowly add to it and build it up in layers. I've added quite a few things already and it feels really cheery and colourful.

I think my original wall decorations were mostly pages from Kerrang! magazine. All Cradle of Filth on my walls. I had a huge poster of The Darkness. It was amazing. When I was little I had a dolphin poster and some magazine pages about Pingu stuck above my bed.

I would probably love to have an entirely Pingu themed room now. I love Pingu. Maybe I should paint a beautiful Pingu mural one day. That would be nice.



  1. Hello nice meet you . Thank you for adding me in Bloglovin . I like your Mumin doll, I have one too. Your painting is so fascinating and adorable. it will be amazing if you make a postcard. Have a nice day :)

    1. I love Moomins so much! Thank you, I hope you have a nice day too. xx


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