Outfit: Totoro & Rilakkuma

My fringe hair is still at a weird face-intruding level, and since it's not long enough to join my normal ponytails, I'm trying this half-up look as a solution. As much as I love buns, they can sometimes make my face feel oddly naked. This is a nice compromise though, I think, between tight and loose. You can leave some hair to hang (and to warm your neck) and just tie up the bit that annoys your face.

I went for a super cute casual option with this colourful Totoro jumper and soft blue suspender skirt. Suspenders are great because they add the perfect cutesy touch to an outfit. The Totoro jumper and Rilakkuma bag were both birthday presents and I love them so much! I love the level of detail in the jumper design. It's so bright and beautiful. The jumper itself is pretty soft and comfy although it is a very light jumper - it's really more of a heavy t-shirt to me.

The Rilakkuma bag has only the tiniest amount of storage space, but of course you get to carry a cute and cuddly teddy bear around with you. This was from eBay and you can find it here (or here if you'd prefer a white bear).

I topped it off with some mega fluffy stripy socks in baby pink and cream. These are from Primark and they're really meant to be pyjama socks, but I think they are perfect to wear outside if you want a little extra fuzz in your day.

You can see the tickly length of my hair for comparison! I'm holding this banana and owl (it's lavender scented!) with a very serious look on my face because they feature in my video, '13 Things I Love', which you can watch here (and please tell me about all the things you love too).


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.