Outfit: Cosy Moth

This is a pretty lazy outfit, but lazy outfits are some of the best. They carry within them the essence of my cosiness. Does that make sense at all? I've just reminded myself of the essence of wetness bit from Zoolander. Nice.

The amazing moth brooch was a Christmas present a couple of years ago, and I love how big and bright and ostentatious it is. And of course, I love that it's a moth. I wouldn't be mothcub if I didn't love moths!

I'm wearing a huge, thick lumberjack style shirt given to me by my mum, and a similarly huge t-shirt which I originally gave to Elliot as a present (it's from H&M's men's section). He did wear it for a while, but it was decided it was just too snug a fit, so I adopted it for my own use. It's a really good pyjama top and the material is really very soft and pleasant. I also love the gentle shade of blue and the fact that it's marled. It's one of the most pleasant tops to wear when I want to feel very relaxed. I tend to tuck big t-shirts into something like this simple tube skirt to avoid being drowned in fabric.

This sock length is probably my favourite sock length of all time. I love simple, patterned socks like this. These floral socks are from H&M and the plimsolls are from New Look.

I don't wear rings often because I find they interfere too much with everything, catching on clothes and so on, but sometimes they're fun. The tiny gold ring I made myself with brass wire, and I got the heart ring at a Rookie meet up.

My shirt is quite versatile due to its thickness and can be layered in colder months or act as a sort of lightweight jacket when it's warmer. It's another great oversized item and it makes me feel so cosy.

Lastly, these burgundy velvet plimsolls are a really simple, cute, and comfortable shoe. The velvet detail is really nice and makes them feel special.


  1. Great outfit! I love the colors! Also the moth brooch is A++++ amazing!

    1. Thank you! Yeah it is so sparkly that it actually controls my entire body through hypnosis. Hypnomoth.


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