Outfit: Casual Adventure Gear

I've been watching a bunch of Broad City lately, and Ilana's outfits are the perfect kind of casual, comfy, and really cute. She wears so many excellent pairs of shorts, and what with the sunnier weather coming in lately I've been itching to wear shorts again too. Of course, it's still cold out there, so I would definitely put on tights to wear shorts outside at the moment. Fortunately for me, I also love the shorts 'n' tights look.

These shorts are a big favourite because they are high waisted and nice and loose (not too restrictive on important areas of the body). I got them at a Rookie meetup (we did a clothes swap and it was great) and I love how bleached and ripped they are. The top and cardigan I found in the street (I actually end up with a lot of clothes this way, and they're some of the most special to me because of their mysterious origins), and the socks and shoes are from Primark.

I really like the idea of an outfit that I can picture myself running around in, discovering clues in a forest and that sort of thing, and I think this outfit hits the mark.


  1. Love your style, it really fits with your personality which is the kind of style that stays forever ( Not a trendy style that's changes every week and has nothing to do with the person behind the clothing)

    I really like your socks, they make me smile!


    btw I would love to know your opinion on my latest blogpost ( hopefully would like to check it out) I really wrote it with a lot of heart and passion for what I really believe in.

    1. Aw thank you so much, and I'm glad my socks can spread a little bit of cheer. I'll check out your post right away. x

  2. I love your background! And that outfit is really cool :)


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