Outfit: Blazer & Shorts

I first wore a blazer in middle school and I became completely obsessed with them so it almost feels weird now to wear one, since it reminds me so much of being 10-15. Blazers also remind me of job interviews, so there's a lot of feelings and memories tied up in them for me. I'm still fond of them though, and I thought this one would go nicely with my plain black shorts. Actually this is a reasonably good business casual look now that I think of it. If I ever have a job where I can wear this to work I will be very happy about it.

The tights are super cosy and add a nice colour accent to a very black outfit (I will always love all black outfits though, even if they are rare for me these days), and the shorts allow me to encourage my babyish love of my own legs. Like, they are the coolest. Legs are maybe my favourite body part of all time. I love legs.

I'm wearing a lizard bracelet as an anklet because it is way too big for my wrist, and my two tone bracelet was made by my boyfriend as a present a long time ago - really amazing and special and nice!

Here's a bonus image of me in motion. How beautiful and majestic I am, like a goose princess.


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  1. beautiful outfit!



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