Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #2: Pikachu Has A Crush

So last time we emerged from Mt. Moon all sweaty and clutching a helix fossil spattered with the blood of some mean teens. After a long lie down, we are ready to take on Misty, the Cerulean City gym leader.

She is easily bested by Bryan the Mankey and his swift fighting moves.

And dear, sweet Flyboy evolves into a pigeon with a more fashionable hairstyle.
*plaits Flyboy's feathers*

We bump into our old friend Meanie and don't have much trouble beating him. He tells us to go see Bill up in the Northern part of Cerulean City. I think he is just trying to get us killed though, as there are about a hundred trainers up there.

I caught this cute baby plant to raise as my own.

Bill's house is in a pretty nice location, but he's probably looking to move now that he knows this is the part of town where all the cheeky youth hang out to fight.

Bill apparently has turned himself into a Pokémon. He doesn't seem too bothered, but asks us to turn him back into a person and when we do, he gives us a ferry ticket. Slightly weird, but who am I to refuse a cruise?

After barging into this house in the North East corner of the city, I discover it has been burgled. Why, though, has it been burgled by a muddy-footed table eater who has it in for house plants?

The burglar is just hanging out behind the house though, so I beat him up and take his stolen goods for myself. I'm guessing the police around here aren't too competent.

Pikachu and I are psyched to get out of this hotbed of crime - onward, to Vermilion City!

At the other end of the tunnel, Pikachu and I face a terrifying wall of grass.

Fortunately, an incredibly nice bug catcher is here to dole out the compliments and make us feel good. Thanks, bug catcher.

As I enter Vermillion City I am cornered by a desperate politician keen to make me aware of the local environmental credentials. Yeah okay, I'm just here to electrocute animals, so you're probably wasting your time on me. Good for you though.

That's nice, isn't it? Perhaps when I'm old and wizened and a bit frantic like Professor Oak I can come and live here in a blissful little cottage.

I stepped into the Pokémon fan club only to experience more flattery. Cool it, sir.

I know I am, I know.

The guy gave me a bike voucher because I'm so amazing in every way and that means I need some SWEET WHEELS.

When you enter the fan club building, by the way, Pikachu gets very excited and runs over to this Clefairy.

Pikachu is looking for love. His likes are: blushing, going for long walks on the beach, and electrocuting Piers Morgan. Hearts exude from him beautifully. This might actually be my favourite Pokémon Yellow moment.

And then he gets even more excited and even more hearts dance around his head. Aww. Isn't it wonderful? Master Pikachu has found a true love.

Anyway so I headed back to Cerulean City and got this sweet bike from being so charming and cool and this bike shop visitor assures me my bike is the coolest. Good. Couldn't have me in a non-cool bike, could we? That would be a catastrophe.

There is also a little house with a friendly young Bulb in Cerulean City. This is... cute. Cute phonetics, Bulbasaur. My man. My main bulb.

Lastly, just to the East of Vermillion City, in a cave, I caught me a Dugger. Catch up with me and Dugger next time in Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #3! For now, I'm going to dig holes and ride my bike all day.


  1. omg pikachu is so adorable with the blushy cheeks. good old times

    1. I just weep at all the cuteness, can't handle it.


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