Let's Play Pokémon Yellow #1: Mooning

I've been posting updates on my Animal Crossing town for a while now, and I thought I'd start a dedicated games section here on my blog and do a bunch of screenshot LPs, starting with Pokémon Yellow! I absolutely love the whole being-followed-by-Pikachu thing in this game. I'd say that's probably my favourite feature of any Pokémon game, which is a huge reason why I loved Heart Gold so much as well. Anyway, so, please join me on this exciting journey.

Let's go!

First of all, check out my sweet style. Who will be voted most fashionable Pokémon trainer in 2015? I'm betting on me.

I start my adventure in my poorly furnished bedroom. It does have this pretty impressive house plant though, and hey, that looks like it might be wood panelled flooring. Pretty fancy.

I ventured into the grass near my house and this haggard old professor ran towards me, shouting something about DANGER and WILD ANIMALS and then this adorable creature appeared, trying to electrocute me to death. The professor stuffed it into a ball though, so it was all okay.

Later he called me and his grandson to his lab and gestured towards a ball. Turns out the professor wanted to give me a terrifying wild animal of my own, but his grandson grabbed it instead and I ended up with the Pikachu from outside.

His name is Mr Cool. He doesn't like poké balls.

This kid always wants to fight me. Why can't we just get along?

Mr Cool is already growing. We fried Meanie. Lesson: hurting others leads to personal improvement.

He's not too impressed, however.

I walked along to Viridian City and ended up being a courier for the local mart. Prof. Oak gave me a Pokédex and told me to go catch Pokémon while he gets a quiet night in and watches Holby City.

So I quickly caught some new Pokémon and gave them all names. Bryan is a Mankey, Penelope is a Nidoran, Kev is a Rattata, Flyboy is a Pidgey, and Megapod is a Medapod.

Up in Viridian Forest, I make petty cash by electrocuting a bunch of little kids with nets.

Before long I've arrived in Pewter City, a grey and rocky little place. The gym is full of rock and ground Pokémon, which is a shame for Mr Cool as he's afraid of rocks.

Fortunately Bryan was able to kick these sentient rocks into the hospital and we received our first gym badge. Hooray!

Off to the East there is a path full of kids and most of them are there on their own, probably escaping homework. I kicked this kid's butt for criticising my fashion sense.

And then I reached Mt. Moon. Mt. Moon is one of my favourite places in the game. It has magic to it, I like the whole mystical vibe it has with the Clefairy.

Here's a helpful sign warning us to stay away from the local bats.

This super nerd obviously doesn't have much awareness of his surroundings, because we were right in front of him!

I don't think she is supposed to be there. I bought a Magikarp from a suspicious man in this Pokémon Centre, because Magikarp is priceless (alternatively: for everything else, there's Magikarp).

I caught a Clefairy inside Mt. Moon. From this description, I can deduce that Clefairy are basically me.

I took a fossil from a nerd.

And two teenagers with a love of bright hair dye tried to wrestle me for the fossil. Not a chance.

Megapod evolved into a beautiful Butterfree, and now has the power to confuse everyone and everything.

Also, Team Rocket called me a brat, but they are the real brats. So rude.

And here we are at the other end of Mt. Moon. We'll see what Cerulean City has in store for us soon! For now I think I need to lie down in a well lit area and not think about caves.

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