Diary: Blankets & Buns

It seems to be getting a little warmer and lighter and springier, but then I keep needing to pile on extra layers on sudden super cold nights. This week has been a week of wearing my hair in buns. Sometimes one big bun (I kept it in a bun for 2 nights and it came out so puffy) and sometimes in two side buns (this creates pretty perfect curls when slept in, actually, and it's pretty comfy). My hair is like a beautiful expanding tree. A cantankerous and rebellious tree, I think.

I also painted my toenails (a very rare occurrence), visited an old friend, and got really into Pokรฉmon Shuffle, the free to download puzzle game for the 3DS. I'm kinda feeling the need to curl up at home lately. I feel a bit like a hamster who just needs to snuggle into some good hay or something. I also am feeling really enthusiastic and happy about my YouTube channel at the moment. I think my videos are reaching a nice level of conciseness and confidence suddenly. I might make a video about my video progress. It's one of those things that is going to keep on growing and shifting as I go along, which is great! My latest vlog is included, yet again, at the tail end of this post, so let me know your thoughts.


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