Day In the Life: A Normal Day In

I thought I'd do a cool day-in-the-life sort of post because I do have a general routine, although it is loosely adhered to. It's quite a nice thing to focus on when you're trying to be chilled out - just appreciating your daily life and stuff.

I usually wake up naturally and lie in bed cuddling the bedding and/or cuddly toys for a while. Then when I get up, my first duties are pretty much loading up my Animal Crossing town (to pick fruit and make bank deposits/loan repayments), checking my emails and social media, and doing my language reviews. Optional additions at this point include making a cup of tea and receiving a phone call from Elliot which will invariably be 80% about the specifics of multiplayer experience points in some sort of video game.

I do language reviews every day and try to do them first thing in the morning so that they are out of the way. I use Anki (for various languages), Kanji Koohii (for Japanese - specifically kanji), and Duolingo (for German). My main focus is Japanese, and then German, but I also have a little bit of Latin, Russian, and French going on in Anki. It looks like I'm doing a lot here, but I'm not. At the moment I am only learning one or two words from each language per week. The majority of my flashcard reviews are to maintain what I have previously learned. I don't have a consistent learning pattern, I just try to learn a bunch of new words occasionally when I have some spare time and I feel like it. So pretty much what I'm doing here is making sure I'm slowly drilling the stuff I have already learned into my brain for good.

I sit with my laptop on my bed (with these cuties all around me) and I am pretty leisurely about checking up on social media, emails, and blogs. Since blogging is my main focus in general, I like to spend a lot of time catching up with what other people are posting, whether it's on their blogs or Twitter accounts or whatever. I often watch YouTube videos whilst I'm running errands in Animal Crossing as well. Somewhere amongst this I have breakfast and come up with some blog ideas or other creative plans.

After some thorough browsing, around the middle of the day, I tend to get to work on writing, photographing, and scheduling blog posts. Sometimes this happens earlier or later, but I've definitely noticed a tendency for around 11am - 2pm to be a natural time frame for getting to work. This might also mean painting, journalling, or taking photos of my outfit. This is usually a good time for another tea, and lately I like to switch teas throughout the day. I'm currently enjoying Tetley's Raspberry & Pomegranate green tea (the raspberry taste is really good). It's also a good time for lunch or snacks.

This pretty much sets the tone for the day, and I work on stuff with lots of breaks for watching TV, reading, and eating (I have a pretty sporadic way of working and like to jump to different things a lot to keep my momentum and inspiration up). Later on in the day I usually tend to little jobs and errands like organising my room or putting clothes in the washing machine. I usually add to my diary in the evening too. Then it's time to go to sleep, and I have a big glass of water and get comfy. Sleep is always the best when I feel well hydrated and know I've done some good stuff that day.


  1. Oh, I Like your blog and your style of writing! Also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Aww, you're very cute! Nice blog you have here ^_^


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