Animal Crossing Journal #14: Berry Gets A Makeover

In the tranquil town of Boy, it is spring, it is gently raining, and I am walking around with my eyes closed because I love danger. Recently I have been doing some intensive dreaming, some home reorganising, and I made a new dress for our resident One Direction merch collector.

I seriously love the way the town looks at the moment, all green again after what feels like decades of snow. There is a soothing new brightness about everything and it is just great.

I am slowly collecting the lovely furniture set. I don't seem to come across pieces very often, but when I got this chair I was so happy because it's really cute. I'm actually not that into the lovely furniture on the whole, but this chair is really adorable (and even more adorable after I customised it with a white cushion instead of pink).

I went to a bunch of dream addresses (I've been visiting random ones) and I came across this magical house with all sorts of pretty trinkets.

I also became Elton John momentarily.

Then I visited my museum to check up on it's exhibits and got my grumpy face on. It's traditional to have a grumpy face throughout any visit to a museum or art gallery.

This is the last shot you'll be seeing of my icy living room. I like the ice furniture set, but I wanted to create a much more homely feel in my main room, so it had to go.

I paid a little dream visit to Elliot's town, Sausage, and I liked this shot of us on opposite sides of the river. Just like in real life, come to think of it (we live North/South of the Thames respectively - Big Ben is actually almost exactly at the midpoint between our homes).

One dream address I visited had rooms full of insects and sea creatures. Kinda cool, kinda spooky.

Here's Berry outside her house with Pompom.

Berry got a haircut, and I made her a new dress which includes a subtler version of her 1D t-shirt. As you can seem Pompom is a bit perturbed by the dΓ©cor. Or maybe just holding in a fart.

And here is my lovely new living room. It has a much warmer feel, although there will likely be lots more little edits and additions to the room over time. I'm really happy with it though, and Pompom's picture still has pride of place up there on the table.

The house now has a nice orange glow. It feels so welcoming.

There's nothing like a nice dinner after some hard work moving furniture around!


  1. I agree with Alice. OH MY GOODNESS. This was my childhood. Okay, what version is this? It looks so different from my version on the Nintendo DS and Wii.
    Zoe x

    1. Aww, this is my first AC game! It's Animal Crossing New Leaf for 3DS.


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