5 Top Handy Websites

I've just been sorting out my bookmarks bar and thought I'd put of some of my favourite websites here to share them around and, uh, spread my love for glitter graphics a little bit.

1. Triple Canopy

This is an online art journal with all sorts of academic, artistic nonsense. It's pretty dense stuff, so I tend to just dip in a bit, but browsing Triple Canopy does feel a bit like sifting through a dead lord's belongings (in a good way). There's some interesting things to be found.

This site allows you to create a self-destructing email address, so you can minimise spam when signing up for things, etc. I found this website through this list of handy websites.

There are probably heaps of glitter text generators out there on the internet, but this one is my favourite, and yeah, I do find myself needing to make glitter text more than I would have ever anticipated.

A really cool and simple photo editor. This place has some pretty nice filters and options for easy online editing.

If you're like me and have to check up where you're going in Google Maps and then zoom into Streetview because otherwise you KNOW you will somehow get lost, this website comes in so handy as it combines Maps, Streetview, and a bird's eye view all at once.

I hope some of these are useful and I very much encourage you to fill your online spaces with beautiful glitter text like this:


  1. That dual maps is genius! Thanks for posting :)

    Christie x

    1. Right?! It's one of those things where you find and it's EXACTLY what you need, haha. Cheers. x

  2. Hey! I was wondering, would you check out my blog? I am still new at this, so I would appreciate help! http://mychickchats.blogspot.com/

  3. The glitter text has so much fun...xxx


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