Top 5 Original Playstation Style Icons

Okay, so, the Playstation was a beautiful thing in a beautiful time. There are heaps of characters and outfits I could talk about, I'm sure, but here are some favourites I picked out from a few games that had something of an impact on me.

1. Jun Kazama from Tekken 2

Jun was one of my favourite Tekken 2 characters to play as because she had quite a unique, gentle sort of look. She had two outfit options, and I favoured her alternative outfit - the snazzy grey look. Her standard black and white get up was still pretty cute, but I'm a sucker for shorts. Those knee highs look pretty ace too.

2. Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII (in SeeD cadet uniform)

Okay, this could have been one of any number of NPCs wearing the same outfit or the Galbadia/Trabia Garden variations, but we're introduced to Selphie through a nice little piece of FMV which features the uniform really nicely, and she's the only party member we get to see wearing the female version. Various characters wear the proper SeeD uniform as well, but I prefer the cadet uniform, with simpler front detail - just a cute bow instead of weird flappy panels. It's just a really cute uniform, and I totally want one.

3. Sunny Funny from PaRappa The Rapper

Oh Sunny. Cute, completely flat, and not afraid of clashing colours, Sunny Funny is the love interest of a dog in a beanie. Her petals are pretty stylish, and her stripy dress is refreshingly simple, bright, and adorable. Here's a more in depth look at her.

4. Female Black Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics

Black mages look like they might be the most comfortable people ever, all baggy trousers and big coats. They are very tucked in to their outfits, and as a comfy lifestyle advocate I am very happy about that. They also have a nice stripy detail on their hot-air-balloon trousers and a nice shade of blue on the coat. Impressive hair growth here too. Looking good.

5. Mia from Psybadek

This outfit looks quite like something Twist from Spaced would wear (including the pigtails) and for that I love it. I love a good pair of cycling shorts and the white stripes on her sides look cool.


  1. Love this post idea! I wish I could dress like Jun! Rebecca |

    1. It's too cold to dress like her most of the year and for that I curse the clouds every day.


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