Top 12 Weird & Beautiful Socks

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Socks are the gateway to my soul. Conservative outfits and sensible layering aside, you can always count on a vibrantly patterned pair of socks to remind the viewing public that you are amazing, warm in the foot area, and a huge fan of bees.

Here is a list of sock designs that I would like to see:
  • Nick Clegg crying into a kebab
  • rhinoceros with a birthday cake
  • witches conjuring Depeche Mode from thin air
  • me
  • a cat climbing the eiffel tower
  • Destiny's Child
And here is a collection of 12 cute pairs of socks that are not merely figments of my imagination:


  1. I need the milkshake ankle socks!!!

  2. I love the fried egg print socks! And I dream of the day that some socks showing Nick Clegg crying into a kebab are created!

    1. I wanna wear fried eggs on all my clothes tbh. Glad there's a market for Nick Clegg crying socks ;-)

  3. OMG, those are cute socks!!!!!!! I want it <3


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