My Favourite Details - LFW A/W '15

I've never been to London Fashion Week myself because I don't really understand what's going on, trains are expensive, and I'm nervous about going alone (I'm a big cry baby), but looking through show galleries is really fun and I can do it from the warmth of my own bed whilst casually eating Revels, so let me show you some of my favourite things from this season.

Emilia Wickstead
First of all I absolutely love the muted colour palette across Emilia Wickstead's collection. The smart cuts and creamy colours remind me of Roxy Music, and there was a strong 70s feel running through a lot of shows this season (there are FLARED TROUSERS everywhere). I am very into trouser creases. Trouser creases please me.

Bora Aksu
I love seeing experimentations in sheer fabric and the art deco detail on this dress is incredible. I also am noticing lots of powder blue, and I love the chilled out Gunne Sax style frills on the dress below and the layered translucency of it.

Bora Aksu

Julien Macdonald
More beautiful sheer detail here, and in particular I like the tiny polka dots and sheer polo neck. Lots of intricate detail through layered black is something that keeps cropping up as well. It has endless possibilities, so I can understand.

Le Kilt
Here we have a very schoolgirlish look, with tartans and pleats and high, ribbed socks. I've always loved school uniform detailing as it has a certain level of smartness yet a simultaneous playfulness. Tennis skirts are really popular lately and I need to get some more pleats in my life, I think. I'd quite like a longer pleated skirt, much like the one above to the left, for that Twin Peaks medium-length skirt feel. Good for transitioning weather, too.

Mother of Pearl
The Mother of Pearl collection veers wonderfully into pyjama territory here. I love the ribbon tie and the baby pink. I am very much for blurring the lines between pyjamas and everyday clothing. I won't rest until it's socially acceptable to wear a dressing gown to work.

Orla Kiely
Another pattern I'm noticing all over the place is the glorious grid. A nice way to incorporate computer graphics into your outfit in a reasonably subtle way. Or perhaps one for the maths fans. Plot a graph right on yourself. Just do it.

This look is classic and pretty. I love the totally simple black trousers paired with such a cute and gently puffy top. Love that ruff detail and the hair is nice and smart.

Simone Rocha
Again we see sheer materials played with here. I love the top layer of bright white details popping out over a calmer body seen through. And the juxtaposition of the skin of the arms against the covered body of the rest of the dress is nice too. It's a bit of a "I'm a fairy from the forest" look.

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