Hair Inspiration: Doll Makers

Okay, call me a huge child (I am), but I still love doll makers and doll dress up games. It all started with the Eastenders one on the BBC website. Dressing up Pat Butcher and Phil Mitchell was the best fun I ever had in any IT lesson. Now though, I prefer the endless choice of dress up games available on Dollz Mania.

I find that looking at and appreciating all sorts of different hair styles encourages me to enjoy my own hair, because when you appreciate and love other people for being diverse it carries the understanding that people's differences are positive. Dolls have very idealised hair, but it comes in lots of different colours and stuff! The hair I've chosen for this post is all some sort of blonde because I'm selfishly mood boarding for my own hair, but you can see all the cool colour variation within all this blonde hair alone. I've also made some doll interpretations of myself because I love making versions of myself. This first one is definitely the most accurate (the hair texture and colour is pretty spot on for me):

from Pinterest Spring/Summer Dressup

from W.I.T.C.H Style Dressup (the clothing options in this one are my favourite)

from Fairy Style Dressup

from Mythical Dressup


  1. This brings back so many memories, going to have a play around with the dress up games tonight for sure!!


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