Growing Out My Fringe

Like rebellious 90s teen pop star turned intergalactic eye-roller/alien fancier Billie Piper in her pre-doctor days, I have a curtain fringe situation. It was about this time last year I cut a blunt fringe back into my hair after growing all of it out, and now I'm close to where I was then in general look (although my hair is still about 7 inches shorter than it was before I cut it short). My fringe section is just starting to leave the nose-tickling stage, and my hair has a fun mushroom effect where the end of my former fringe dips in to meet the longer hair below.

At this point I'm getting a lot of  little fringe-wearing devils popping up on my shoulder saying things about how good fringes are. I am having a bit of fringe nostalgia. There's a dewy white haze around my fringe-related memories, and every picture of myself with a fringe I see is cuter than I thought possible. But I'm well aware of this danger, and am carefully counteracting it by looking at equally adorable no-fringe pictures. This includes Buffy's tendrils of face-framing fringe hair, and the endless stream of people around me who look amazing without a fringe. Here are some good pictures of fringeless folks:

Billie Piper letting her awkward grown out fringe hair sit wherever it wants and still looking cool.

Buffy can destroy enemies even with tendrils of hair tickling her face.

Kristen Stewart in Panic Room with a cute side swept fringe solution.
I'm also trying to remember that just because one hairstyle looks nice, that doesn't mean others don't look nice too. I am trying to remember all my hairstyles with fondness. It's easy to get tired of the hair you have, so it's good to concentrate on times when you feel great about the hair you have. I'm taking some pictures purely for documentation/affirmation purposes and I find that really helpful because it reminds me that there will always be some moments of being not that into my hair as well as moments of being really happy about it.


  1. I really like your hair!

    1. Thank you! I enjoy it more every day :-)


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