Fitting Room Focus: Long Dress Lil

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River Island always seem to have a lot of super cool long dresses, often with turtlenecks that I have to awkwardly squeeze my head through (make your turtlenecks stretchier!), so once again I have inspected the delicious long dress options available in store.

This dress is pretty nice and simple. Long sleeves and long everything make it nice and warm, and the colour is a nice light grey. I feel like light grey is my favourite neutral. The stripes are probably my favourite thing about it. I love a good stripe, and I like these ones because they're quite subtle and unobtrusive, but they also have this cool graduated look.

dress - £32 (similar)

blazer - £55 (similar)

I doubled up on stripes with this white and navy blazer, which has a similar look in terms of graduated stripes. Stripe diversity! Here's a close up of all these stripes:

jacket - £40 (similar in white ¦ similar in blue)

My favourite pick by far was this cute and cosy cream jacket. It's so soft and nice and it's the perfect length and size for me, with nice big, stretchy pockets. An ideal garment. The dress and jacket together give a brilliant smart and super comfortable look. Given it's such a long dress, I think it looks better with the long, slouchy jacket. The stripy blazer is a bit too boxy, I reckon (and you might not want to overdo it on the stripes).

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  1. That is a lovely dress! :)

    Rebecca xx


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