Fitting Room Focus: Hearts & Chevron & Lace

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H&M have some really pretty patterns and fabrics in at the moment (not that this is unusual) so I had to put them on myself.

shirt - £12.99 (here ¦ similar in red ¦ similar in dark red), skirt - £12.99 (similar in blue)
I love hearts and use them as a motif in my work all the time so this heart print button down really spoke to me. I love the combination of such a playful print with the smart style of a button down shirt. I added this great wine coloured skater skirt with an embossed chevron look. I love the way the chevron pattern is actually stitched into the fabric instead of printed - it's wonderfully tactile. Also the level of flare out on this skirt is perfect!

top - £7 (reduced from £12.99) (similar in black and white)
I also found this lace top which is a little odd and reminds me of things I've seen in harajuku fashion shop blogs - the frilling along the bottom is just a little bit on the odd side (in a good way). I like that the lace is backed up on the main body of the top and then unlayered on the arms, so you have a nice solid/sheer relationship.

I made a little collection of skater skirts I like since I liked the chevron skirt and I am so into them at the moment. Here you go:


  1. The hearts shirt is so cute paired with the skirt!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  2. Replies
    1. The button down is easily my favourite ;-)

  3. I love the second outfit! The top and skirt are just like something I'd wear but it looks lovely on you :) x x

  4. I love both of the outfits. I like the second one the best. :)

    Pumpkin Emily Smiles


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