Diary: Hair, Parties, & Trying New Tea

This week has been quite YouTube heavy for me as I made a big 23 minute vlog on Thursday when I went to the Elle Style Awards pre-party with Florrie, and I added closed captions to it, which took absolutely ages but was really fun. I've also just been watching a lot of YouTube stuff in general, trying to find new vloggers and thinking lots about what I want to do with my channel. I am quite enjoying including a vlog every week with my diary posts here. It adds another layer to the diary to have different forms of documentation going on, and it really makes me happy about all the little things that are happening as time passes.

The last page of my diary this week is less of an entry about my day and more a stream of consciousness of what I've been thinking about. I forgot the L in acknowledge on that last page as well. I hope you can forgive me.

Here's my vlog from Thursday:


  1. You're quite creative, and seem to be very busy as of late as well! And I think everyone can forgive you for forgetting the "L" in acknowledge, haha! But thanks for sharing!




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