Diary: Celebrating Not Being Perfect

This week has been pretty fun because I had my birthday, and just before that I installed work for a show at my university. The show opened on Thursday and was really fun, easily my favourite uni show so far because I got to hang out with everyone and it had such a nice atmosphere. Elliot bought a Nintendo 64 for my birthday and we spent Sunday playing Blast Corps and Lylat Wars. Blast Corps is all about destroying buildings with various vehicles and robots and it is SO MUCH FUN. Lylat Wars is the European title of Star Fox 64 and you get to battle a giant monkey head. I truly love video games.

Here's a vlog for the week. I feel like it's a bit awkward and disjointed but I also kinda want to support that in vlogs because I did feel a bit tired and a bit stressed and a bit not-quite-sure-how-to-talk-in-a-vlog this week and that's totally okay and normal. I don't think I should avoid vlogging just because I don't have a super coherent vlog itinerary or just because I come across as a bit weird when I watch the footage back. I actually remember reading a blog post a while ago that someone had written about meeting bloggers in real life and being disappointed that they weren't the super confident voices they seemed on their blog. I thought this was really odd and kinda mean, because you know, people aren't their blogs. They're going to be different in person. I think for lots of us, blogging is a way to be more confident and bubbly because we're here on our own terms and this is our space we've made for ourselves. Our online bedrooms. I don't consider myself a shy or particularly awkward person generally, but there's bits and pieces of awkwardness and shyness and everything else, and how I appear really depends on the situation. The idea that you have to be confident and fun and dazzling all the time is just a bit silly. We're all real people and sometimes we're going to be grumpy and confused and timid. Those things are a part of life and they should also be celebrated!

So with that in mind, here I am, doing things:

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