Computer Girls

I've been drawing girls in Inkscape and I'm getting the hang of making smooth shapes and curves. I love the look of figures without outlines. Removing the outlines gives them such a cute look and I feel like it conveys the spirit of my ideals: no outline, no rules, no constraints, just be yourself and eat a muffin and watch the sunset, you know? I love drawing digitally but I've wanted to pin down this sort of style for a long time and I'm so glad I am finally getting to grips with how to make drawings like this that are so clean and bright and adorable!


  1. I love this! The drawings (and your style) is very cute. I really want to get into digital art someday. It looks so nice and clean and bright. What kind of tablet/device do you use?

    1. I actually just use my trackpad. My best advice would be to just tool around in graphics programmes and see what you can do. You learn a lot of things about software just by playing. And Inkscape is pretty good and free, so if you haven't checked it out before I'd recommend it!


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.