Comfort: A Style Necessity

The New Neutrals: Misha Hart by David Dunan for Glamour, March 2015

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I just picked my loose, grey marl F&F trousers from my wardrobe. It's been so long since I've worn them and it's like being reunited with an old friend. An old friend who I wear on my legs.

I got them because I needed some easy, comfy trousers to wear, and they were a nice, cute, and slouchy option. A few years ago I remember making a lot of outfit decisions that neglected my comfort. I wanted to wear shorts when it was too cold, and leggings when it was too cold, and tiny t-shirts when it was too cold. Quite a lot of it revolved around it being too cold. I found it hard to find a solution when I really wanted to wear a certain outfit but knew it would compromise my comfort. So my solution was usually to wear first, moan about my stiff and frozen body later.

This flipped around rather suddenly one day. I was wearing dark blue knit leggings and a baggy white jumper and I was utterly freezing. I was with my boyfriend and he was coming with me part of the way home because he was meeting friends at a train station on the way. We said our goodbyes once we were there and his friends approached. Through this I was visibly shivering, and although this had happened before several times, for some reason on this occasion I had a particular wave of embarrassment and I decided, right then, to prioritise comfort no matter what. I mean, it's tough for me because I'm kinda one of those people who is always cold. I'm a spindly skeleton without extra fat to store heat. So I really do need to address my temperature needs with my clothing.

Lately though, I have noticed a lot of comfort/relaxed aesthetic. From Rilakkuma to Tumblr blogs full of idealised candid photos of people in their beds and jogging bottoms, sitting next to a freshly brewed cup of tea and a slice of pizza, the comfort aesthetic definitely seems to be around in quite a big way (see also: the comfy lifestyle tag). This is really encouraging for me, because now I am enjoying little comfort details of my clothes more and more. I'm enjoying the tactility and practicality of details, but also the aesthetics of that tactility/practicality. The textures of comfort itself have become more visually pleasing to me, and are now kind of at the centre of my personal style.

There's also an interesting colour scheme I'm noticing within the comfort fashion aesthetic realm, which tends to focus on light greys and blues, as well as creams and some standard black and white. I've put together a little collection of comfy clothes I like, and you can see that colour scheme is echoed here too. I love light grey and blue and marl because there's a lightness, a free and calm sort of feeling conveyed through these colours. They remind me of Land's End catalogues and old people on the beach. There is some sort of natural, cool, fresh air feeling to me with these colours.

I am pretty fixated these days on all sorts of comfy clothing. I like the minimal look of leggings and an oversized t-shirt, I like jumper sleeves that are a little too long so they droop over your hands and keep them extra warm, and I like easy sneaker/plimsoll type shoes. Oh, and so-called "granny pants". I love granny pants. Granny pants forever.


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  2. Its all about the comfort of fashion :)


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