Animal Crossing Journal #13: Romantic Bones

There's been quite a bit of development in Boy since the last update, such as this pretty heart display in the middle of town. I gave Hamphrey some bones beside it, because that's a nice thing to do for your hamster friends. Enjoy your ancient fossils, pal.

It was my birthday and I got a big cake which I will keep in a room in my house until it sprouts new life.

Here I am overseeing a new line of trees. My fruit yield is unbelievable at this point.

Here we are are celebrating our light up heart.

I noticed this bunny in the campsite and I just can't believe how cute his great big moustache is. I'm sad he couldn't move into my town. I wish you could have more villagers. Maybe some day I'll see Gaston again.

Me and Agnes just love chuckling about cherries.

Everyone loves my mini dinkoid.

This is the space for Boy's new bus stop. This is something I've been hoping to build for ages and I'm so pleased to have finally set this up.

Here it is, and it's beautiful!

My human villager birthdays are quite close to each other, and Berry's is on Valentines Day. She made a strong wish. Good luck to her.

I also decided to do a video town tour this time, so here it is:

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