Animal Crossing Journal #12: Protective Frog

This week I have been the happiest mayor ever, because I got my hands on a pink bunny balloon! Forget about my mayoral duties and my achievements with the town - this is my greatest moment. Streetpassing my boyfriend has great benefits!

Here's Boy's final human villager, Toto. I'm going for a sort of Twin Peaks American schoolboy look with him. He's going to be living in a tent for a while.

I don't know why this frog insists with flirting with me, and he knows I can protect myself. Don't need no frogs.

He is very cute when he's sleeping on a tree stump though.

I dreamt of a beautiful rainy forest town called Limh (DA: 5000-3280-3470) and here I am in a lovely library/study.

This dream town also has the most amazing cafe. Lots of nice little details.

And the outdoors is a lovely rainy forest.

I love a good log bench.

Here is my display at the moment. I'm wearing my latest design, with a little bunny-shaped cross body bag. My villagers mostly wear the Mabel tee and the One Direction tee. I'm hoping someone will appear in that Weyland-Yutani tee (top left) sooner or later though!

I found this little visitor in my town one morning. Her name is Katie and it was nice to have her around. I like to have a small cat follow me at every opportunity.

I made her stand nearby as I had a little sit down.

And I also showed her my snowflake collection before she left.


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.