Young Log Lady

I've been thinking about Twin Peaks a lot lately. I've only watched the whole thing once and I keep getting the itch to rewatch it, but I haven't yet. Instead I've just been letting sweet cherry pie memories roam around in my head. There's so much I've forgotten, and there's probably a lot of things I never picked up on in my first viewing either. I'm surprised how many things in life remind me of log lady. It's not like I come across many logs on an average day. I love log lady though. She's one of my favourite characters and she kinda reminds me of myself, a little bit. Like just about every other Twin Peaks character, I think her outfits are pretty great. I also love knitwear and long skirts, but I haven't found myself a nice log yet.

Here's some pictures of me looking a bit like a young log lady:

Maybe log lady, like me, loves to paint cute dogs?


  1. OMG I LOVE!!! My personal fave forever tho is Nadine, especially when she's a middle aged cheerleader with super human strength. TOO GREAT.

    1. Lucy is great also!!!! The actress should totally narrate e-books. That should 100% be a thing.

    2. Yes I love Nadine and Lucy so much! I love... ah there are so many characters I love. *heart eyes*


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