Slime Journal

I'm almost at the end of a notebook so I have that exciting 'I am just about to finish this notebook yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa' feeling, which is quite good. My favourite thing is the page above because I didn't really care much about what my shapes looked like so it's got this very scribbly and wobbly look which I am enjoying a lot. Some of the best things happen when you don't really care about the lines and shapes you're making. I love drawing my polar bear with his legs in all directions. I also really like that the person here is doing a bit of a Chandler Bing awkward smile, It's beautiful.

I'm really into drawing over a nice bit of colourful paint with a black marker lately, so there's a lot of that going on as well as a lot of post-its. Post-its are pretty great. I love that they are tiny and you can do little, cute drawings on them or make a collage from a bunch of them. I have a lot of them saved up, so they will likely be pretty prominent for a while.


  1. I adore that feeling when you're really close to ending one notebook and starting another. Fitting that it came at the beginning of the year :D

    1. Yeah it's cool when stuff matches up like that! :-)


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