Slime 97

Yellow on black is a good colour combo. It always reminds me of streetlights at night. Sometimes doodling on my computer like this is a great thing to do right before bed. I like making drawings just before I go to sleep because it makes me feel like I ended the day nicely, and maybe I have something nice to look at the next day. The end of a day feels like the start. I guess all time is a beginning though, really. I like to remind myself of that when something comes along to potentially ruin my day, because why should things have to ruin a whole day? Who decided the boundaries of one day would dictate my feelings? Bad days are just bad moments - bad seconds floating around inside containers (days), but you can try to let them out and then they're just little bad things floating around in the vastness of space. I mean, I also like making these sorts of drawings just about anytime, when I'm in a computer doodler mood, but there's something specific to making them just before bed which is nice.

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