Pigtails Forever!

Foxes - Glorious

I am so into pigtails lately because they are such a cute and easy way of getting hair out of your face, and you can do all sorts of little variations with them, like positioning them low or high, fluffing them up, curling/straightening them, or plaiting them. They're pretty versatile and pretty adorable. Look at all these perfect pigtails! I'm setting an official goal for myself this year to learn how to do French plaits because they confuse me to no end but they look so good. In the meantime though, I'll definitely be leaning on the Pippi Longstocking/Mildred Hubble plaited pigtails look.

Dasha by Alexander Vinogradov

The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

Sulli in f(x)'s Hot Summer

Carrie from Sex in the City

Marc by Marc Jacobs via Gina Michele


  1. The first hairstyle is perfect. Something about the 60`s which will be fashionable next season :) The Carrie`s ones are so sweet :)

  2. I wish I could wear those, but it makes me look like a 12-year old girl Q_Q

    xoxo, Merce


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