Photo Waves

I have a small collection of film prints which I keep in a packet together, and they're like a little world of pictures. They're pretty normal - just some moments. Nice things to remember and just... things. Pictures of how my room looked last year, pictures of me in the bathroom. Stuff like that.

Pictures shape your memories of the moments they represent, but what if you only had distorted pictures? What if all your physical memories of something were stretched and strange, waving and looping? What would you remember then? I have my little world of pictures, and the world of memories in my head, but it's pretty fun to play with them. It's fun to melt your memories into something new.

Also: Here's a bonus non-stretched picture of Elliot just because I like it:



  1. Your photos look wicked,
    Love your interpretation of distorted memories, very clever!
    I also love photography, and memories, I have just done a project on dementia!

    May // Drops of Brandy


    1. Thank you! I'll check out your project, seems a really sweet idea. x

  2. I love the way your mind works. <3


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