MSPaint VS Paintbrush

When I'm at my boyfriend's house I love playing around in Paintbrush and drawing silly things. He has a Mac and I have a PC so at home I use Paint and Snipping Tool, but it's interesting how the differences between these programmes affect how you work with them.

I love the CMYK sliders in Paintbrush. They provide such an easy way to find beautiful tones and the slider's gradients are so pretty that I always want to screenshot them and use all of these cute colours. Sometimes I do keep screenshots of them to use as a palette later on.

I think part of my love for this sort of simple drawing programme is that because they are so simple, I don't have any preciousness about the drawings I make with them. I've used Paint in a few incarnations since I was quite small, and I remember how much fun I had drawing stuff with it back then. It was always the first thing I wanted to do when I got to use a computer. I would just sit there and scribble and have a great time. So there's definitely a nostalgia for the way I used it as a kid. I never feel like I have to worry about getting the lines right, though. I usually use a trackpad and try to use my natural mistakes and wonky lines as much as possible. The restriction on the fluidity of my lines actually really helps to create weird and wonderful drawings.

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