Foil Moon & Buffy Hair

Ok so here's a fun update with some recent drawings and pictures from my phone. I made the collage above with biscuit wrappers because I thought the foil was cute. Brown paper is cuter though! The moon looks pretty good in foil.

I'm drawing more pigtails lately. Pigtail club 2015. Also a lot of stripy socks and little birds.

I don't know how I manage to look so different in photos depending on whether I am taking them or not. How does this happen? Why does this happen?

This is a true margin doodle, and extremely Animal Crossing influenced. I just love those mayor designs!

A little person inside a big heart.

This picture is just me trying to remind myself what smiling with teeth looks like in photos. I find that if I don't take photos of myself I kinda forget what I look like. It's always odd to think about, but it's really easy to forget what you look like, even if you look in a mirror a lot!

I woke up one day to find these rings had been left on my arms by three mischievous hair bands I'd worn overnight.

This was me trying gauge whether the Buffy the Vampire Slayer wispy tendrils of hair look is something I can work with. So much of the styling in that show has a really perfect effortless/cute-in-a-practical way teen vibe which I like a lot.
Also the sun was doing some excellent shining at this moment (see below).

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