Diary: Tights, Parasyte, & Pralines

This week saw a disaster in the form of my favourite pair of tights finally developing a hole after years of wear. I will still wear them until they totally disintegrate though. I've also finished another manga series and have had to start dragging myself away from all the Christmas themed socks and accessories. Please enjoy the funniest and most terrifying drawing I've ever made of me drinking water. It's been well worth keeping a diary for that alone!

Also, here's a vlog from yesterday:


  1. your blog brings me so much joy like??? also i totally agree re: pralines 4 eva, yesss, people forget that praline chocolate and nutella are cousins and that is a very important piece of information! also currently trying to find a place to read parasyte online because I've been looking at more images on pinterest and stuff and i am seriously INTRIGUED.

    1. That makes me the happiest little bunny alive. All my family don't really like Guylian seashells and usually get a box for Christmas sent from my great aunt and I eat them all and it's amazing. I used mangafox to read it. I thought it was a bit samey in that it's constructed of a lot of fights pretty much but I also liked it quite a bit and I thought the romantic element was quite nicely done and seemed like quite heartfelt and genuine. That's probably the thing that I look for the most because most media depictions of romance feel so so not genuine and not like real, healthy, lovely love. Most depictions of any kind of romance seem pretty toxic and I just hate that. Let me know what you think if you check it out!

    2. Aaa I never seem to get notified of ur responses even tho I always tick the lil box thingy so I always end up replying like THREEE WEEKS LATER??? D: *shakes fist at the sky* Yes! Why does everyone always hate on the seashells they are so great??? also because i now have animal crossing my relationship with seashells is now deeper and more poetic. And yes I have checked it out!! I'm currently on chapter 21 and I LOVE IT, I agree about the plot, but I tend to find plots a bit boring and formulaic and I don't find fight scenes interesting, but the questions it raises on like HUMANITY, what it is to be human, he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of being the pain of being a man and what not, well I LOVE ALL OF THAT! I have taken so many screen shots, once I finish it I'm going to do a massive blog post and it will be DISGUSTING and also GLORIOUS.

    3. Just don't try to sell seashells in CEX. Yeah that humanity stuff is pretty nicely done, especially as it's not exactly a unique concept to explore. Glad you're enjoying it and I can't wait to see your post! :-)


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