Creative Nourishment & Notebooks

I'm sitting in my room, really excited to make some drawings and stuff! Elliot has been making a cheese wheel and tending to his new Animal Crossing town. One of my favourite things right now is the red light at the crossing near his house. It paints us red when we stand there and we are beautiful red glowing things waiting to cross the road. It has also been pretty sunny lately, which is nice. It's always to have a big bit of sun shining in my room and on my face.

I'm trying to chill and make lots of mini collages in my much loved tiny notebook. I kinda wanna get some new notebooks, even though I've still got a nice selection waiting to be used. I just want every notebook! More unlined ones particularly, and maybe ones with brown paper pages because drawing on brown paper is so pleasant. I feel tired - that little lingering tiredness that hangs around in the background and filters everything you do. I feel that background tiredness, but it maybe helps me to try to do calm and spontaneous and naturally flowing drawings and blog posts and stuff, so it's helpful in a way. It makes me prioritise being relaxed and okay and nourished (physically, creatively, etc).

the magical red light bestows its powers onto my boyfriend whilst he makes a kissy face at me

the gang

very simple and serene painting ☆

the sun shining onto my Begonia plant

I wore a Joy Division t-shirt and a black tube skirt to see a doctor and I felt really good and ate scrambled egg

me and the moon just having a pleasant evening together

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