I made this bunny a while ago now but I wanted to make a post about it to get some thoughts down about it. I wanted to make a 3D figure and making a soft toy seemed like a nice way to do that. It was fiddly because I'm not used to sewing, but I ended up really liking the rough look of it. The fraying edges and uneven stuffing fit quite well into the visual world in my head for all my little people and animals. I'm a huge fan of imperfection and I suppose an underlying theme of my stuff is to promote that kind of unevenness. My art is much more about me enjoying myself than about me being objectively or measuredly skilled at making things. I want to celebrate mistakes and rough edges and mismatched things, so I think my favourite things about the bunny are its loose threads and its lumpiness.


  1. oh hi there cute bunny haha :)

  2. There are thousands/millions/billions of people out there that also celebrate rough edges and find beauty in the unfinished. I agree…very cute bunny!

  3. "I want to celebrate mistakes and rough edges and mismatched things" I love this. I made things when I was younger. Animal pillows and simple stuffed critters. I miss those days.


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