Animal Crossing Journal #9: Spooky Snowmen

Boy is now filled with snow families, which is quite fun, but a bit scary when they stare at you. I've also planted quite a few new peach trees because I'm just really greedy for fruit, and here I am dressed as Santa. I think I make a good Santa.

Gwen came over to my house, probably to make sure I've displayed my picture of her prominently. Well I have, but you might get distracted by all the gyroids in here.

Speaking of Gwen, there's... something I've noticed about her.

I streetpassed a house with a perfectly organised harvest set in one room and all these villager photos! Perhaps this is the home of the photographer who takes them. Nice instrument collection too!

Me and Mac relaxing. The snowman does not seem to be relaxing.

I love finding snowflakes.

Northern lights appeared! They're pretty spectacular. Octavian and I blocked Mac's way across the bridge for ages and I'm gonna go ahead and blame the northern lights.

Me with the local snowmam on Christmas day. Snowmam is my favourite member of the snow family. We share a desperate thirst for snowflakes.

I added a fourth room to my house - very exciting! I'm saving up a little before putting a basement in, but I'm so happy to have all my other rooms set up now!

This is our new resident named Toto. We don't know much about Toto yet, other than that he obviously loves stripes.

Alfonso came over to see my living room, which I've been turning into a bit of an ice palace lately.

Here's me and Hamphrey looking very cute on the bridge above the campsite.

If you'd like to visit Boy, I'm happy to invite you over! I'll make sure the dream address is always at the end of the most recent Animal Crossing journal as it's published so you can visit whenever you like.
Thanks for reading! ━━ ♡

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