Animal Crossing Journal #11: Haircuts & Gardening

Recent events in Boy: a haircut, some redecorating, and twinned towns.

First of all, I've rearranged my living room into a nice and neat ice cave. I'm putting as much green furniture in here as possible too, with a nice alternative deep green colour. Here I am above, watching Mac as he checks up on my interior.

This is the plot of my tenth and final villager for the moment, a lazy penguin named Puck. He has already donned a 1D t-shirt, so he's adjusting well to life in Boy.

Some mayors are just rude.

Some mayors wave fish in my face all the time.

Some mayors get to have their towns twinned with Boy. I built this cool sign that says so. I'm thinking of adding a dream address when Sausage gets one. I love Sausage.

Berry has also been decorating. All One Direction albums are up on the walls, and there are some skillful paintings displayed too.

A few snowmen have caught a glimpse of '?' wandering about all in white. Mysterious.

Not sure this is appropriate barista attire, but I do what I want. It helps me to concentrate on my coffee making. All my thoughts are contained in the knitted peak.

I'm Charlie Dimmock.

Me and Agnes chilling out. She's a pretty cool pig. Stumps are where I get all my great ideas. We're thinking of starting a ska duo.

I decided to change my hair a little bit because sometimes you just get tired of a middle parting. Also I just kinda wanna try lots of haircuts.

And here I am having a laugh. It's all the pollen, it's getting to me.

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