Animal Crossing Journal #10: Men's Toilet

So, I'm about to tell you what's been happening in Boy (and as you can see it is still super beautiful and the northern lights have been visiting), but I'm also about to tell you a bit about what's been happening in Sausage. Sausage is my boyfriend's brand new town, which is now twinned with Boy.

Here I am in Sausage with three of the residents. Erik on the right here has such a nicely decorated house. It's like a log cabin. Very suited to the current icy climate. I planted some fruit trees here when mayor Elliot wasn't looking.

Back in my own town, the local alligator is looking out for my needs.

Here's a nice dream town I visited. Everything is white, and it's very serene. The dream address is 3000-0575-9957. This was probably my favourite area.

This room was nice too. I love the record player.

I have now populated the Able Sisters' shop with eight of my own designs. My villagers keep picking up the 1D t-shirt and it hasn't stopped being hilarious to me yet.

I found this lazy penguin in my campsite and took the opportunity to exploit the lazy camper trick. This made me a lot of cash, but it was quite time consuming getting Puck to buy all my expensive bugs. I also convinced him to move in, which is really exciting as he'll be my tenth villager and my second lazy villager. I don't want anyone to move out now that I've got ten villagers and at least one of each personality type. You're all here forever now!

Don't we all though? Well, clearly we do in Boy, if the half of you being in 1D t-shirts every day is anything to go by!

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