30 Fun & Creative Blog Post Ideas

If you're a blogger, you probably know that feeling - the one where you'd rather pour a Pot Noodle over your head that write a single sentence. For those who need a bit of post inspiration I've compiled this (hopefully slightly unusual) list of ideas. My creative life is propped up by some serious inspirational scaffolding in that I always keep lists (on paper or on Listography) of lots of ideas and other useful things. It's the number one thing (other than making sure I'm not bored, hungry, grumpy, etc) that keeps me going and allows me to be prolific and happy.

So, here goes:
  1. How about a fictional account of you meeting a childhood hero - who WOULDN'T want to read fanfic about you and The Chuckle Brothers?
  2. What's your favourite film/a really weird film you've seen/a film you've seen recently? Talk about your favourite moments, the best character outfits, or things you think could make it better.
  3. Make some spontaneous collages with nearby materials or magazines.
  4. Poems or prose. Google for a prompt or pluck something from the air and write something flowery or silly or scary in a few hundred words.
  5. "A Day In My Life" - take photos approximately every hour from when you wake up to when you go to sleep, and then caption, annotate, or even draw over them.
  6. You could keep a notebook or diary of thoughts and drawings, maybe just once a week, or just as a one off. It's a really fun and really personal thing to do.
  7. Talk about what your favourite smells are and why.
  8. Make a post about some people that mean a lot to you, whether they are friends, acquaintances, or people you don't know at all. They could even be fictional characters, mythological creatures, animals, or celestial bodies!
  9. If you feel good about your look one day, why not make a post of a bunch of selfies and maybe a little pep talk for yourself or a run down of things that made you feel good that day.
  10. List posts! They can come in so many forms and can be so useful later on. You can make lists of tasks, ideas, favourite artists, words, or anything you can think of.
  11. Mood boards. My pal Bethany Rose Lamont makes mood board posts often and they are really cool. I also love Tavi's mood boards. It's fun to curate a visual theme or share a visual of what you're fixating on right now.
  12. Go for a walk and take photos of anything that catches your eye, then make a post all about it. It's pretty fun to pretend you're a little kid and go off on a little local exploration. I also find that this cheers me up a lot if I'm feeling sad or tired.
  13. Try a new craft or a new art material and document your experiments. You could try drawing with sticks and credit cards, painting with your nose, or making a sculpture out of food.
  14. Talk about the best or strangest things about where you live.
  15. Post your childhood photos. I'm always excited to see these! You could also post some childhood drawings or stories.
  16. Scan yourself. I already do this one all the time because it's so variable and fun! You can make simple scans of your hands and face, or add a collage element by scanning objects - like plants or toys.
  17. Write about what you do when you're sad/gloomy/tired/inspired/excited.
  18. Draw pictures with your non-dominant hand.
  19. Pick a TV show you've never seen before, watch the very last episode, and make guesses about what happened previously in the show.
  20. Share pictures of your haircuts and colours over the years.
  21. Recreate some childhood photos or famous photos.
  22. Make a photo series of your most sentimental possessions.
  23. Drawings of what's in your bag or your room.
  24. Make a blog post about a past family holiday or an embarrassing story (with old pictures, or you could illustrate it with new drawings or photos).
  25. Talk about how you tackle a self esteem or confidence issue.
  26. Goals! This can be goals in general, reading goals, or goals for something specific.
  27. Make light drawings with torches - this is extra fun with a friend.
  28. Collect random objects from outside and make a collage with them.
  29. Do a style write up on an unusual subject, e.g. Dr Odine from Final Fantasy VIII, Bodger from Bodger & Badger, or H from Steps - all very stylish.
  30. Live blog an episode of Come Dine With Me (or something else). Here are some choice live blogs of The Brit Awards and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
That's it! Now go forth and enjoy your day (perhaps have a nice fruit). ( ぀⌒▽⌒)぀★


  1. As a brand new blogger this post is great, Thank you!!x

    1. Cheers Molly, I hope you are ready to blog your bum off! :-)

  2. What an amazing post! You've really thought this through. I'd love to do the one about sharing all my past hair colours :) x


  3. What a great post love it . xox


  4. This post was so useful!!! Also, number 10.... including lists of blog posts!?!? haha :D Thanks so much, so many great ideas here. I'd love to try a mood board post... hmmm I'll have to get my creative juices flowing!


  5. Wonderful ideas!! This really helped me with my writers block! Thank you SO much!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading :-)

  6. This post is so helpful!!


  7. This actually gave me some nice ideas! I loved it thank you :)

  8. DAWWW!!! UR THE COOLESE THO! BUT YES MOOD BOARD FTW!! The internet is basically one big sick bag of images and it's our job to sort thru and make picture stories!!! YEAH!!!

    1. also my fave h story is that paul frank wrote to him and asked him to stop wearing their clothes. like I CAN'T. *SCREAMS*

    2. That is such a great metaphor haha!

    3. I'm gonna wear a full pyjama set with H faces on it.

  9. I really like this! Made me come up with lots of stuff for my list of 70 ways to get more creative that I'm working on. So THANK YOU!

  10. I just started my blog a few days ago, so this is just perfect! So many original ideas! Thank you:)


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