Just reminding myself of the cool and vibrant and happy and varying person I am via webcam. Because sometimes it's hard to remember that every mood/feeling/look/situation is valid and real and part of one big, weird, changing thing. I think the fact that we only really see ourselves when we are purposefully looking in mirrors and things is the reason I like to use mirrors and webcams so much, to remember all the different ways I can move my face. I can only find answers/ideas/feelings inside myself so I guess looking at myself physically is connected to how I mentally sort things, and can jump start a process in my mind. Sometimes when my brain gets stuck somewhere, I look at my face or my whole physical self and the constant movement and expression of it gets me unstuck. I'm so mentally comforted by observing and moving my physical self. I'm also mentally comforted by raspberries, but that's simpler.

Please enjoy these pictures, ft. my Halloween costume (Minnie The Minx), and me sizing up my interview attire.

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