Pink Plastic

The other day my mum brought home some bath bombs in a pink plastic bag. We both marvelled at this plastic bag, for it was beautiful, and oddly mesmerising in its shape and satisfying level of opacity. My mum didn't want to throw it away. This plastic bag deserved better somehow. So I did what I often do when a useless, but pretty, object appears: I said "I can use it for art!"

Later I took to it with a couple of permanent markers, and I discovered that drawing on plastic bags is the best! The slickness of the material means my pens slide across the stuff with a pleasing fluidity. It's like having a luxurious new fineliner. The feeling of drawing is just really nice. I really like all these cute plastic bag drawings and I hope to draw on many plastic bags in the future.


  1. I think that's a good idea to give a new life for a plastic bag :) I also love to collect almost everything so I can use them later on my "art" :D

  2. this is quirky and I like it :)


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