Pilot Santa & Other Decorations

There are approximately a million decorations on my Christmas tree, but I wanted to pick out some favourites to show you, like this one featuring Santa in a plane. I'm not sure when he got his pilot's licence, but I don't think he's practising proper safety protocol. He looks great though, perfect rosy cheeks and all.

The hedgehog and the squirrel are new this year, from Monsoon's collection of cute enamel decorations. They looks really smart and I love the delicate little ribbons on them.

Another new addition this year is a set of Paperchase mini glass baubles. These are so delicate and pretty. My favourites are the slightly translucent or opalescent ones.

This little hedgehog Santa is so adorable! And again with the rosy cheeks, only these are more like bonbon cheeks.

Finally, here's another Santa. This Santa must be pretty strong to be carrying all those presents at once. I'll be looking out for Santa during the weightlifting at the next Olympics.

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