Light Winter Options: Big Tee & Red Skater Skirt

I love an oversized t-shirt whatever the weather because it's always so comfy. I like the ease of movement and find it's always easier to maintain the right temperature in them. A lot of the time in the winter I start to feel bulky and cold and gross. After a while I get sick of wearing the same things all the time for warmth. Last winter I lived in leggings and one thick jumper, and it got a bit boring, so I'm figuring out ways I can dress differently and still be warm, but without looking like I'm on my way to the North Pole. Big t-shirts are great for this because you can wear them over and under things without feeling restricted, and they look nice tucked into a high waisted skirt.

Lately I've been wearing skater skirts with t-shirts tucked into them, and it feels great, like the most summery thing I can wear at this time of year (with a good pair of woolly tights underneath, of course). I've also been swapping out my chunky jumpers and cardigans for some less bulky options. Shirts and thin jumpers can be worn in layers, which feel light but are often warmer than one big jumper. I often tuck my jumper into my skirt as well. Everything gets tucked in there and then I still have the high waisted look (which is pretty much my favourite thing ever). Cropped jumpers would also work really well here (because then you don't have to think about tucking them in).


  1. I absolutely love your style! The skirt is gorgeous. x x

  2. I love that T-shirt :) The weather is much colder here but I think I could do that style here too if I'd add some cardigan with that T-shirt :) And tights of course

  3. Love this look! amazing figure! x

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  4. Sick t-shirt! And I LOVE your paintings. Oh my god. So glad to have found you!


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