I've been thinking about how I format things on this blog and what I enjoy most and what's the best stuff, etc. Almost everything regular has a bit of a diary element to it. My scans, Animal Crossing journals, Fitting Room Focus updates, and of course my actual diary entries. These are all quite fixed in format, and I like that. I like doing spontaneous posts that aren't part of any ongoing series as well, and I like making general art posts.

From all these clear, devised posts, I end up with leftovers. Pictures that were almost right, but not quite. Variations and outtakes, or just pictures I took or drew just for the fun of it in the middle of working. The thing is though, these things are almost a more genuine part of me than anything else (arguably), so I'd really like to show more of them. I also like the idea of jumbling more things together. Pictures and drawings and screenshots all together like a cool gang. I'd like to focus more on time and thoughts instead of necessarily one event or subject. Maybe more streams of consciousness but with pictures.

This blog is a home for me, so I gotta figure out the best way to live in it, right?

So that's a little explanation of what I'm thinking about here, and these pictures are all from my phone. I use my phone in a really pure, unthinking way most of the time, partially because it's always available, and partially because I just want to look at and remember stuff through it. At the bottom of this post also are a few sketches I made trying to draw myself in a slightly different form than usual. They're scribbly and fun, and I think they're the drawn equivalent of my phone pictures.

This jacket is really oversized and comfortable and I wear it when I want something to act as coat without being mega bulky or hard to remove. It's also really soft. I think I took this picture because I looked less dishevelled than I felt and I was comforted by that. A lot of the time I feel worn out but discover I look like I've eaten 100 raspberries. Not that I look particularly fresh in this picture!

I saw this baby jumper in Tesco and I got really jealous of babies who get to wear this. There are so many cute baby clothes that I would love to be able to wear. Damn you, fashionable babies!

A nice close up of my painting. I love these brush strokes and colours.

For some reason I really like taking photos at train stations. It feels quite commemorative somehow. I also like to manipulate Elliot's face with my hands like he is a wiggly jelly toy.

I slept with plaits in my hair and I turned into a wavy bush.

Changing the form of my hair like that makes me appreciate all its forms so much. Plaits and buns and soft waves and curls and the way light falls on everything make me feel really beautiful and happy!

I don't usually draw myself with ears, but I saw a cute Twitter icon someone had of a little drawing and I liked the ears a lot so I thought I'd try it out. I really like the ears on these drawings, and the hair shape and little eyelashes.

This last drawing is the face I make when I'm looking at donuts.


  1. I adore Your drawings, do You sell them somewhere?

    1. Thank you! I don't at the moment, but I am thinking of selling some in the near future. If you keep an eye on my Tumblr or Twitter I'll probably post info about it there. Maybe just after Christmas. x

  2. I can really relate to you on the whole fashionable baby trend. I passed by some kid clothes in Target.. and I thought..."I would wear that!" Never really thought that I would want to wear kid clothes.

    1. I predict that babies will be crawling down the catwalks in 2015.

  3. I like this post a lot.
    It is different then a lot of blog's I follow.
    I guess that's why i started following you in the first place.


    1. Thanks so much! This is such a sweet comment! :-)


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