Once again I'll pay tribute to my lovely pint-sized polar bear. He's so soft and he reminds me of both the warmth of a loved jumper and the wonder and surprise of fresh snow. There's something expressive and imbued with secret imagination about his small and simple eyes and nose. He is the ultimate bag companion.

I have an old scanner series called 'Scans Of My Life Right Now' which involves making a scan collage of various objects near to me at a specific moment in time. The scans I made for this post reminded me of it and how oddly dense it felt to just scan some stuff near me. Because it's really personal to show you that I've got this little strip of stamps and this raspberry cream lip balm and a tiny painting I put inside a tiny picture frame that came out of a cracker. They're so filled with life and they remind me of typing 'i' into text/interactive fiction games and seeing your player character's objects listed (much like this list inside a game I made and no longer have the file for).

You are carrying:
   polar bear guardian
   250ml creative zest
   glossy photograph of an excellent tweet you made
   key to the underworld


  1. I love how the polar bear came out and your hair looks funky, almost like a painting x

  2. Nice post...

  3. This is an amazing idea, pictures look wicked!

    May // Drops of Brandy


  4. Great idea and nice pictures. I love that polar bear, it's so cute :)


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