I Exist

I wanted to make really simple scans this week to just exist and remember I exist. I always find all the natural hues of these scans so soothing. Here I am like a careful painting or a sleeping sculpture, all brown and white and pink and yellow, all earth and blood. Sometimes writing here is hard because I'm too conscious of it. It's not the diary of streamed thoughts I want it to be. Existing is a bit like that I think. I think about things, my life, whatever, and I get this stuck feeling. It's a strange feeling which goes away when I see the moon or am in public and feel small. then I remember I'm alive and that's a thing that exists on it's own, before anything else. I'm just an alive and existing thing small and separate from everything around me. Sometimes that's really important to remember. I exist and it rains hard and mini donuts exist also, that's quite good.


  1. This is a seriously cool and really creative idea! :D Did you edit them on Photoshop after or just leave them how they came out? Think I may experiment with this but I doubt mine will come out as good as these, great job! I love reading your posts :3

    Charlotte. x


    1. Thanks Charlotte! I don't edit them, they're straight from the scanner. Definitely have a go because it's a really easy and fun thing to do. Obviously the results will vary based on what scanner you use and what settings you use, but you can play around with them and see what kind of a look you get. I think the main thing that makes my scans look really cool is that I always make them when it's quite dark, so there's no extra light hitting the glass.

      If you do try it out, I'd love to see your results! :-)


Thank you so much for your comments, especially if they include limericks about skeletons.