Gift Guide: Artist Shops

I've picked out a selection of potential gift items made by some super cool and incredible creative people. I love all of them a lot and hope to share some of that love right now!

1. Hand Drawn Stickers by Ginette Lapalme

This shop sells unique original artwork on stickers and badges for cheap. Go pick 'n' mix with a bunch of different things to create a perfect little gift box of magic.

2. Temporary Cat Tattoos by Harriet Gray

Harriet is known for her exquisitely drawn cats. Alongside dresses and pouches in her shop, she sells these temporary tattoos, so you can give yourself or your favourite person a full sleeve of them if you fancy it. There are also dog and bunny versions available.

3. 'Plus One' T-Shirt by MILKBBI

I love MILKBBI designs so much, but this is my favourite currently available t-shirt. I love its simple look and use of white space. MILKBBI also sells amazing stickers, pouches, and jumpers (like this one).

4. SELFIE Heart Button by punimelt

Heart shaped badges are cute enough, but this one comes adorned with one of punimelt's many cute and happy characters. If you want to cheer someone up, try doing it with these content little tulips.

5. TENUGUI Cotton Towel by Mogu Takahashi

An art piece and a practical item at the same time, this towel features a playful art print and is limited to 150 editions. It's a special thing, but you can also dry your hands with it. Perfect.

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  1. These ideas are so cute, thank You for inspiration :)


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