Fitting Room Focus: Whatever

I am never surprised but always thrilled at the mountain of comfy jumpers available in River Island. This one has such a cool weave of black and white, and I love the thick black cuffs on it too. A good jumper.

Here's me in my standard winter casual dress. Leggings are the ultimate in comfort and they're surprisingly warm.

dress - £24, skirt - £30
I found this really cool long t-shirt dress. which looks great on it's own (although slightly pyjama-like), and paired it with this glittery tube skirt. The glitter did come off all over my legs and feet, but still, it's pretty snazzy.

jumper - £35
I tucked this cozy jumper into the skirt for a wrapped up look. I think this is a good "understated Christmas party look". You're super warm and just a little bit glitzy. Complete the look with a delicious glass of mulled wine that you hopefully do not spill on yourself at any point.

Here's a bonus video showing how I usually behave in fitting rooms (especially in River Island because their playlists are just too good):


  1. That last outfit is so cool! The video is also amazing!

  2. Your posts never fail to entertain!

    Charlotte. x

  3. Great post and lovely outfits!

  4. That outfit combination really suits you, you look so elegant :)


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