I've used so many bright colours lately! I've been using all my pens together and all the beautiful paints. Everything has become a great big garden of colour. I'm using a bundle of printer paper sewn together as a journal and drawing straight into it, but I think I'm gonna do a lot more drawings on scrap paper and then stick things into a journal because I'm missing flipping through messy, full pages and seeing things all jumbled together and with little mementos. I'm using a lot of post-its and they're so fun to draw on. I love drawing in a really small space (and I love incorporating small drawings into a bigger composition). I also really like drawing lots of belongings. It feels intricate and personal and calming, so I draw my bag and my polar bear and my socks a lot.

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  1. I think it's cool that you keep a journal with little post it pictures. I love looking at pictures where there are lots of little things to see.


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