I've been reliably informed that amaretto will be available to me at all my Christmas celebration venues (home, boyfriend's home, boyfriend's brother's home), so it seems like I'm going to be very comfortable indeed in the apricot/nut-based spirits department. The most important department.

Christmas feels like meeting up with a ghost, because it's so packed with tradition and memory. At Christmas and New Year I get this feeling that I'm living the same thing over and over every year. It's weird, but it's also comforting. There's an odd cosiness to these solid repetitions. There's a nostalgia about who I am and who I have always been, and at the same time there's a nostalgia for the new parts of me and for my future. The same yet different. New looping over old.

I haven't curled my hair for a while, so I decided to pin curl the front section of my hair - not quite a fringe any more, but still much shorter than the rest. I thought it turned out quite well, although it's a little tricky to curl one part of your hair and maintain a coherent style across all of it. I left the rest of my hair in plaits overnight so it was loosely wavy and tied it into a ponytail to give a sort of faux short hair style. It reminds me of BBC's Pride & Prejudice, which is a nice bonus (I love Pride & Prejudice and I love curly, historical hair). I'm trying to figure out ways I can have a centre parting and not look silly. Curling works pretty well for that.

Here is a picture of the sun barging into my life (rude). It's tough to get a boyfriend picture without some level of gurning, so I am expecting some sort of reward for this one. The sun shines through his living room quite ferociously and it usually heads straight for my eyes and gives me a headache. The sun was nice at this moment though. Acceptable winter sun positioning. Please note the combined textures of: A. Elliot's jumper, B. the dressing gown I am wearing, and C. my jumper (lying on the sofa). A very cosy image if only for the inclusion of these 3 fuzzy things. I had to snap another picture of Elliot's jumper (below) to satisfy my fuzziness quotient. So cosy and nice. I hope next year will be equally filled with soft, lovely jumpers and other warm things.


  1. great post! cute

    HAPPY XMAS!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas ( early one but he ;) )
    Loved your post, as usual


  3. Lovely post! And I wish you merry Christmas!


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