Christmas Lights

Everything feels so full of darkness and Christmas lights and warm food and supermarket shopping trips! I took some long exposure pictures of Christmas lights impulsively and then I couldn't stop myself waving all the available lights around for the camera. Lights are so pretty in the dark!

Elliot and I went to the shops and marvelled at all the novelty jumpers available. I always like to take a quick snap of us in the booze aisle CCTV whenever possible.

I think this sums him up more than any other picture that has ever existed.

Elliot made fried eggs in a very dark kitchen and lots of lights were reflected in the glass doors. Such a beautiful dim yellow glow.

Light painting in the mirror is really fun, but I can't keep the camera very steady. This feels so Christmassy and nice though!

 Phone pictures from the same day (this was when we were leaving to go to the shops):

( ぀⌒▽⌒)぀♡

Woolly tights are forever~♡

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